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Universal Control Java Editor documentation


In older as well as current Synthesizers different ideas of the operation are pursued. To a clear representation and an ergonomic change of the sound parameters with the development of the devices little importance was attached. Particularly in the 90's from cost reasons Synthesizer in 19 inch rack building method were equipped manufactured (see illustration # oberheim#19) and with minimal control elements. Thus such devices can be served very heavily and toilsomely. Since however most have all parameters a MIDI interface, make it possible over MIDI message to steer, the idea lies close to improve operability in this way. Hardware MIDI CONTROLLERS make a fast intuitive operation possible in the ideal case by clear and ergonomically arranged tracers and turnable regulators. If these are well marked, an optimal function, also in the real time processing, is ensured at the equipment. In close co-operation with the medium project“`universelle control surface for MIDI Synthesizer”' a MIDI CONTROLLER was developed, it makes possible to program different Synthesizer comfortably. Since this CONTROLLER has two largely e 240×64 pixel display, is apart from a good description of automatic controller, which“`Beschriftung” with one;' to be equated, also a navigation on the equipment can possible. This MIDI CONTROLLER should be not only simple to serve in the later Studiobetrieb, but also universally for the different Synthesizer configurable be. For this purpose the available medium project concerns itself with the development of a software, which“`Programmierung” an efficient and a simple;' the MIDI CONTROLLER makes possible. Thus only the full functionality of the hardware and the operation are guaranteed by almost any MIDI able Synthesizer.

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