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1. An abbreviation for UltraViolet light. UV is used in the electronics world to erase EPROMs and similar devices. An invisible band of radiation at the high-frequency end of the light spectrum. In computer technology, the band is used only for erasing EPROM data. It takes 5 minutes to 15 minutes of ultraviolet light to erase an EPROM chip, depending on the design and equipment. 2. Ultraviolet light is much like visible light except that it is of higher energy. It occupies that region of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-Rays. All forms of electromagnetic radiation can be described in terms of energy, frequency or wavelength (being equivalent). The choice of unit is dependent on the convenience it offers to those working with that radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) light is typically measured by wavelength in units of nanometres or Angstroms.

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