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Velocity converter;topicseen

The converter is able to transorm a velocity value of an incoming midi message into another value. In this way you are able to change the velocity curve for your MIDI keyboard.

There is a freeware software that allow you to change velocity curve : Midi velocity curve changer (Trombettworks Software)

A first MBHP version

This first version just forward notes with a added “gain” (from 0 to 64).

The gain is set with a 10k pot on the AIN INPUT 0. (dont forget to set unused analog inputs to ground)

A LCD Screen is not needed, but allow to see the input/ouput velocity values.

The Version 0.2 :

They are 16 Preset curves. Moving the pot From min-max select the desired velocity curve.

Curves must be tuned to your needs. (No editor yet)

Curves are separated into distinct files for user comfort : curve1.c, curve2.c, …, curve16.c

also check : – bill

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