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kristal='s *CLOSED* bulk order for the ALBS/Waldorf knobs

This is the Spring/Summer 2014 bulk order for the ALBS/Waldorf knobs used by the MB6582 and the SEQ4.

You can choose from:

  • Drehknopf DK11-170 A.6/4,5 vertieft (recessed, black), see full pics here
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-weiß (opaque white)
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-grau (opaque grey)
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-rot (opaque red)
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-transparent klar (transparent clear)
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-transparent blau (transparent blue)
  • Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-transparent rot (transparent red)
  • Drehknopf DK38-144 A.6/4,5 (black)
  • Drehknopf DK45-114 A.6/4,5 schwarz (black) (attention! needs a larger hole in the front panel)

Dimensions of the knobs:

General information - Please read carefully!

  • The order lots are capped on a first-come, first-served basis to achieve a balance between Midibox service and work
  • Prices for the DK16 & DK11 knobs (minimum order quantity: 15pcs.): +15pcs.: á 1.35€; +30pcs.: á 1.25€; +70pcs.: á 1.15€
  • DK38: á 2.80€, DK45: á 3.00€
  • Payment is only accepted via PayPal with the following fees: € to € → 1.9%, other currencies than EUR → 5.5%
  • Knobs will be shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes preventing them from scratches and damage.

Shipping costs (trackable & fully insured mail)

  • Germany orders below 40€: Einschreiben 4.25€
  • Germany orders above 40€: DHL parcel 4.90€
  • Germany orders above 100 knobs: DHL parcel 5.90€
  • EU & World orders below 40€: 5.50€
  • EU & World orders above 40€: 7.00€
  • EU & World orders above 100€: 8.50€
  • EU & World orders above 100 knobs: 12.15€

Timeframe for the bulk order (starts April 23th 2014)

  • Will inform the ALBS sales department around May 3rd that we need working capacities.
  • Signing ends May 13th.
  • PMs with my Paypal address / bank account details will be sent on May 14th. Please send me the due amount ASAP. I also need your shipping address confirmed, so please send me a PM with it.
  • Payments will be accepted until May 19th 2014.
  • Paypal payments transfer to my bank account (1-2 days)
  • Knobs will be ordered from ALBS May 20th. The lead time normally won't take longer than 1 week. I'll inform ALBS in due time that I place an order with them. Yet, if they experience heavy workload, be prepared to wait 2-3 weeks for knob dispatch. I don't expect this however.
  • If everything goes according to plan, knobs will arrive at my place around May 27th.
  • Repacking and final dispatching between May 27th - June 6th.
  • Timeframe may be subject to change due to unforeseeable events

How to order the knobs

Simply edit this page and put your name, quantities, etc. on the list and update the total amount. Use your full and correct FORUM NAME (≠ wiki name!), so I can reach you via PM. Please do not edit anything else on this page.

Here is an example how the total amount is calculated:

Pedro from the USA wants to order 20 x DK16 white/OPQ and 3x DK38: [(20×1.35EUR+3×2.80EUR)+5.5EUR]=40.90EUR → (40.90EUR/100)*5.5=2.25EUR → 40.90EUR + 2.13EUR = 43.03EUR. He fills the 43.03EUR in the 'total amount to be due' section. That's all.

By putting your name on the list you agree to the terms and conditions described here: (a little bit harsh, but I'm too lazy to write new ones. I think, you'll get the point.)

How to pay for the knobs?

I'll send you my Paypal address details via PM so you can wire me the due amount. Instead of sending you an invoice, please fill in the total amount to be due section yourself. I'll double check it with my spread sheet software for calculation errors at the end of the signing phase. The forum software doesn't support sending attachments, so this is the most convenient way for both parties.

+ 15 pcs. order list

No. Username # DK16 whit/OPQ # DK16 grey/OPQ # DK16 red/OPQ # DK16 clear/TRN # DK16 blue/TRN # DK16 red/TRN # DK11 # DK38 # DK45 Destination total amount to be due
1. bangorboy 0 0 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 UK 27.17€
2. lbigbadbob 0 0 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 US 27.17€
3. xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -
Total 0 0 30 0 0 0 0 0 0


Running a bulk involves work. Please think about whether you really want the knobs, whether you have the money when demanded and whether you agree on the terms stated before putting your name here. I will not send you more than one PM and I will not extend the deadlines, because you accidentally missed it for whatever reason. Instead I will strike your name off the list. I want to keep it that simple for sanity reasons. I hope you understand.

* And nao, HAPPY ORDERING AND HAVE FUN! :) - Martin aka kristal=

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