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ALBS knobs bulk order Summer 2014 notification list

This is the ALBS knobs bulk order Summer 2014 notification list. Simply edit this page and put your name on the list. Use your full and correct FORUM NAME (≠ wiki name!), so I can inform you via PM that the BO will take place. No buying obligation, you can remove your name from the list at any time.

If you aren't a daily visitor, plz edit your forum notification preferences, so the forum software sends you a notification to your registered (and hopefully up-to-date) email address when a forum PM has been sent to you. You find the notification preferences - the speech bubble icon - at the upper right of the forum page between your forum name and the letter icon.

  • Dangerz
  • bangorboy
  • Kroutshev

Please do not edit anything else on this page.

Best regards

– kristal=

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