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PCBs and base PCB parts kits ARE AVAILABLE NOW at SmashTV's shop!

Modular Addict now carries the PCBs (and knobs!) for the MB-6582 project.

“The rest of this page is old and most of it no longer applies. I am waiting for the wiki fairy to come along and tidy it up… lol” -Wilba

This page is a summary of the (atm) 20 pages long mb6582 PCB and kit thread located here. So far the first 20 pages are incorporated into this page.

General info

  • Please refer to The definitive MB-6582 PCB/kit threat located at,11367.0.html
  • baseboard parts kits are in process
  • the kit has everything needed for the baseboard except the PCB itself, SID chips, power input jack
  • the kit includes 8 512 bankstick ram chips
  • included PICs will have bootloader and MIOS, builder uploads the app via sysex.
  • the app will not be preloaded with MIOS/mbSID v2 as the software changes and you'll have to upload the newest version anyways.
  • pricing $100 with PIC chips, $75 without.

When will they ship?

  • there is no ETA for these yet, so the answer is “When it's done”

Can I order yet?

  • You can post a “count me in for one/two/three…” in the thread as a sort of preorder
  • You can email Jason.S.Williams -at- and he will put your email address on a “notification list” and will email you when PCBs become available for sale in SmashTV's shop. He might also send you updates about things you might be interested in, like bulk orders for MB-6582 parts.

I have a question/comment/suggestion.

  • Questions, comments, are welcomed in the thread linked above
  • Do NOT write PMs to either SmashTV or Wilba about ordering them

Will CS kits be available as well?

  • Yes, but this will happen after the base kits are shipped

I don't want to wait. Can I etch my own PCB/have it etched?

  • Of course. You'll have to create a pcb yourself though, as the layout is not publicly available.

Is there a BOM available for the base & control boards with part numbers from mouser, etc?

  • there's not a BOM, but lists what you need right here:
  • If you feel like creating a BOM with order numbers from mouser/reichelt/… feel free to do so and add it to the Wiki and link to it from here
  • Note that the dual-gang 500k pots used at the back aren't on the parts list, nor are the eight 3-pin SIL connectors to connect them to the SID modules

I already have parts X, Y and Z, can they be left out of the kit to reduce the price?

  • No. As this would lead to an insane amount of extra work when packing the kits

I need to finish the project by tomorrow/next month because [enter_reason_here]. Can I get a kit now?

  • No.
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