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A reduced Core for your MIDIbox App, an STM32F405RG in a DIP40 format.


  • MIOS32 uses same processor family and drivers(no deep change).
  • Same internal hardware as Disco or wCore (speed, memory, peripherals, etc…) .
  • Board pinout and package compatible with a MIOS8 PIC 8-)
  • USB connector onboard. 2 OTG are available, second(new) USB is Host only.
  • 5V power input and led.
  • 3.3V regulator and led on board.
  • 74HCT541 on board for the 5V output ports.
  • User and Reset buttons.
  • 2 user leds.
  • 12 extra pins for USB, buttons and leds.
  • Your favorite Core is now a current component easy to integrate.

All commons MIOS32 ports are available except:

  • General purpose J10x ports were removed.
  • LCD port was reduced to a serial one, no more pins J15.D0-D7 , no back-light power supply.
  • 2 UART only(2 MIDI In/2Out).
  • 2 AIN channels only(e.g. pedal inputs).
  • SPI slave only supported by J19(SPI3).

Check the dipBoardF4 for more details :-P


DipCoreF4 eagle lib for easy integration in your design.


The dipCoreF4 and the legacy MIOS32 ports.

Check dipBoardF4 for more details about the connectors.

First, was a chart.

This chart gives you the equivalence between the different pinout and functions.


Due to the small SMD, which is sometime a difficulty to solder, the board is already assembled by manufacturer, except the connectors.
The mini-USB is optional.

Qty Value Package PartsMouserReicheltConradLCSCNotes
3 1*20 male 437-3501012000006101 No!Adapted to sockets Mill-Max 0552-1-15-01-11-27-10-0 or 0553-1-15-15-11-27-10-0
1 mini-USB THT USB 571-1734510-1 no!for other ref take care about restricted area!

Installing the MIOS32 Bootloader

All dedicated MIDIBox Cores, must have pre-programmed bootloader in order to communicate in MIDI with MIOS-Studio
Like the Waveshare, the dipCoreF4 has no programmer onboard.

Even if the dipCoreF4 is now provided with it, better to explain connection and process.

You will need:

Disco/Nucleus and dipCoreF4 SWD Pinout and connection



If you use a Disco or Nucleus board, those jumpers must be removed.

Once the dipCoreF4 is correctly connected refer to uCapps STM32F4 Based Core page > Installing the MIOS32 Bootloader where the flashing process is already well explained.
please use dedicated bootloader hex file

407VG vs 405RG

Legacy STM32F407 and 405 share the same characteristics.

The 405RG is a TQFP64, a 10x10mm package and only 64 pins.

No Ethernet MAC and camera interface.

ST STM32F4xx series


We use the same peripheral drivers same family, some compilation defined conditions were added for the specific pinout and type, number of ports. toDo

For any questions, informations or observations do not hesitate to contact me (Forum).

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