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A reduced Core for your MIDIbox App, an STM32F405RG in a DIP40 format.


  • MIOS32 uses same processor family and drivers(no deep change).
  • Same internal hardware as Disco or wCore (speed, memory, peripherals, etc…) .
  • Board pinout and package compatible with a MIOS8 PIC 8-)
  • USB connector onboard. 2 OTG are available, second(new) USB is Host only.
  • 5V power input and led.
  • 3.3V regulator and led on board.
  • 74HCT541 on board for the 5V output ports.
  • User and Reset buttons.
  • 2 user leds.
  • 12 extra pins for USB, buttons and leds.
  • Your favorite Core is now a current component easy to integrate.

All commons MIOS32 ports are available except:

  • General purpose J10x ports were removed.
  • LCD port was reduced to a serial one, no more pins J15.D0-D7 , no back-light power supply.
  • 2 UART only(2 MIDI In/2Out).
  • 2 AIN channels only(e.g. pedal inputs).
  • SPI slave only supported by J19(SPI3).

Check the dipBoardF4 for more details :-P


dipCoreF4 eagle lib for easy integration in your design.


4 layers PCB design.
Fits 4 layer mostly common design rules.

  • min. drill 10mil
  • min. width 5mil

Top copper
Internal 1
Internal 2


Mouser BOM version 1to complete

Qty Value Package PartsMouserReicheltConradLCSCNotes
1 100R 5% 0603 R3 755-ESR03EZPF1000 C253328
4 680R 5% 0603 R1, R2, R8, R9 667-ERJ-PA3J681V C103784Depends on Led
4 10K 5% 0603 R4, R5, R6, R7 755-ESR03EZPJ103 C103199
1 100K 5% 0603 R11 755-ESR03EZPJ104 C103211
PTC fuses, resettable thermistors
1 1206L150THWR1206F1576-1206L150THWR C261956
2 20p 0603C12, C13 581-06035A200K C91702
9 100n 0603C2, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C14, C15, C16 80-C0603C104Z3V C1688
3 2,2u 0603C4, C10, C11 81-GRM188R61E225MA2D C71001
1 10u Tantalum SMC_A(1206)C3 647-F931C106MAA C8015
1 47u Tantalum SMC_B(1210)C1 74-TMCMB1C476MTRF C112105
1 8MHz 3.2×2.5_KX-7Q1 oups! Not easy to find :( wait!will be changed…
4 0805 5V, 3V3, L1, L2 755-SML-H12U8TT86C C72037
1 STM32F405RGLQFP64IC1 511-STM32F405RGT6 C15742
1 74HCT541TSSOP20 IC2 771-74HCT541PW-T C131314
1 LD1117AS33TRSOT223 REG 511-LD1117AS33 C126055
2 Micro SwitchesKMR2 4.6×2.8 RESET, USER 611-KMR221NGLFS C72443 SMT Tact Switches
3 1*20 male 649-68000-420HL C50981 Termination Post Length max 2.57mm
1 mini-USB THT USB 571-1734510-1 no!for other ref take care about restricted area!


First, was a chart.

This chart gives you the equivalence between the different pinout and functions.

The dipCoreF4 and the legacy MIOS32 ports.

Check dipBoardF4 for more details about the connectors.

407VG vs 405RG

Legacy STM32F407 and 405 share the same characteristics.

The 405RG is a TQFP64, a 10x10mm package and only 64 pins.

No Ethernet MAC and camera interface.

ST STM32F4xx series


We use the same peripheral drivers same family, some compilation defined conditions were added for the specific pinout and type, number of ports. toDo

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