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Hello my name is dj3nk.

many of you will think my nick has something to do with “deejaying”. hmmmm, not directly. I'm also hobby dj but its my “call name”, a short version of my familyname. so who has made this page ?? it's “de Jenk”.

So enough of my nick coming to my (coming) midiboxes:

Due my friend who has sit down on my digital camera I'm not able to make some photos atm but I consider to search for an adaptercard from transitflash to compactflash, so I can that some little pictures from my mobile phone as soon as possible.



16 pots
4 buttons (menu handling)
1 encoder (bank switching)
1 24lc512 bankstick
40ch. display (big thx 2 pay_c)
case in progress (wood)
I've finished this little Midibox64 with 16 pots
and a 1 lined 40-character display. It's stuffed
with a bankstick inside. Because there are just
16 pots I want to split the banks into 64. Thats
the same amount a "complete" Midibox64 would save.
4x4 MidiboxRouter

core finished
4 iic modules nearly finished (no optocouplers)
plastic case in progress
when ready and fully plugged with some midistuff 
I'm gonna update it to a 8x8 with some firmware
modifications for easier routing and perhaps with
a display).
Single Midibox SID

+ control surface c

one core and one sid module finished
C64 PSU available (big thx 2 pay_c)
SID available (big thx 2 my friend Manu)

CME UF-6 Masterkeyboard
Modules for 8channel edrum (
Access Virus B
Steinberg Houston Controller
Hercules FW 16/12 Firewire audio interface
Boss BX16 Analog Mixer
DAB 1240 preamplifier
M-Audio Studiophile LX4 monitor speakers
DIY talkbox
AKG D330B microphone
AKG D130 microphone
Soundblaster Audigy 2 with kX drivers

planned stuff

lots of midiboxes (fm,cv,seq,lc)
analogue filterbank
much more in my head but not in my moneybag ^^


THANKS TO TK FOR GIVING US THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY BUILDING OUR OWN MIDIPERIPHERIE. He had (he still has I think) the possibility to go commercial, but he hasnt. It is the best what he has done not to go :D

Another big thx goes to pay_c who has sent me lots of very useful stuff! He's gonna get a big tribute by me as soon as possible !

… more soon …

MB Mixer pcb Bulk order

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