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All files on this page are for DIY/noncommercial use only. PM me on the forum for help/advice/whatever regarding my design.

Big thanks to TK, nILS, Wilba and anyone else who helped!


All free software :)
KiCAD for PCB/Schematics:
Sketchup for main panel/chassis etc. work:
A Sketchup plugin to export to .svg:
Inkscape for .svg editing:


Chassis and front panel are from (New Zealand hub). Materials include acrylic: 3mm Black (frosted 1 side), 3mm Clear, 4.5mm Arctic Ice; and 7mm veneered MDF.
PCBs were manufactured at Gold Phoenix. Dimensions and layout were chosen/compromised to fit max. sizes available at both Ponoko and Gold Phoenix.


This is a work in progress. Some aspects are (as yet) untested, some contain bugs, and some imperfect.
I have endeavoured to only share files that I have used to get PCBs, panels etc. produced. If this is not the case it will be noted. I do not plan to produce corrected design files unless I need them for myself.
Use of these designs is at your own risk. A list of currently known issues follows:


- 2×5 connectors in seq PCB were not flipped to take into account being on the bottom of the board. This is correctable by swapping the wires as needed in the ribbon cable from the DIN/DOUT PCBs.
- 5×17.brd contains an error due to a problem in TK's original BLM schematic. I'll be working on a software fix for this, it should be simple.
- blm-full.* are currently untested, except as used in the 5×17.brd. The above schematic error is corrected.
- blm-scalar.* contain an error. Pins I4-I7 are mirrored. This is easily fixed with a connector modification, and the blm-scalar module seems to work as intended. A corrected but currently untested file is separately available below.
- P3-frontpanel.svg has blue (cut) lines around engraving marks for some of the fader scale lines. I have worked around this by filling the holes with paint.
- Good idea to request ponoko to do the engraving on the matte side. My prototyping runs came with the engraving on the glossy side.
- Some sanding is required to get LCD windows and button caps to fit correctly.
- Check LED orientation prior to soldering - it may not match the outline printed on the board.


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