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Please, follow these steps before posting:

The link to this page is also a decent way to give hints for posters, that may (willingly or unwillingly) disrespect these roules:

Note from audiocommander: if you got a project related question, please post to the forum rather than sending TK private messages or emails. Donations to the development and the hosting of this website are very welcome (and needed for the community), but: it's just another way to say thanks and no guarantee or “billing-pass” to get support! Everyone answering questions in this forum does it for the sake of it and to help others, because we all started with this great project and want to share our gained knowledge… and help TK to minimize the time needed for answering the same question over and over again ;-)

Asking questions

  1. Please look at – maybe you find your answer on another subpage!
  2. Please search the forum: – go to the index-page to make sure you search the whole forum and not only the topic you're currently in.
  3. Please search uCapps, the forum and the wiki again, varying your search phrase.
  4. You're welcome to post your question ;)
    1. If you begin “I searched … and … but found nothing” you will get plenty of friendly help, even for obviously overseen informations. It can be helpful for future midiboxers if you include unsuccessful search phrases in your post as it will create a link to the information for future searchers.
    2. Be as short as possible, but also as precise as possible.
    3. If you changed something simultaneously but don't think it has something to do: mention it, maybe it is related!
    4. Shorten your Code-Snippets by leaving out unnecessary parts (if you cannot decide what's unnecessary, leave it).
  5. Please read the answers carefully. Take the time to try suggestions and think about possible new informations before posting a reply.
  6. If you got the answer you were looking for, put your knowledge to a wiki-site afterwards – and you will surely have the respect and the honor of being a well-liked member of the midibox community!!! ;-)

No Questions?

Cool, go ahead and tell us. If you find parts, have tips or links to useful resources or want to share and discuss your ideas or ask for opinions, feel free to post any time. Your submission is welcome and your input will greatly appreciated!

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