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FAQ Getting Started

Where Do I Start ?

Reading About Electronics Basics could be a good thing.

If you already know some about electronics , exploring UCapps might help you in many ways to see what's possible to make with MIDIbox modules

Wich Most Basic Tools does I need ?

  1. Soldering Iron + voltmeter
  2. Computer with internet
  3. Brain

What Can i Build with Midibox ?

In a few words: a lot of things. Midibox is a modular system that will help you building the MIDI Synth , Sequencer or Controller of your dreams. Have a deeper review to UCapps

Do I need to know everything about Electronics to build a Midibox ?

Depends on what you want to do .

First, if you are not familiar with Electronics, a good start should be reading about Electronics Basics. Then ask yourself what you want to do :

  • I want to build a custom-sized MIDI Controller ! : You're at the right place.Try to get familiar with UCapps modules as well as it will be the bricks of your future project. Some Electronics and programming knowledge will be required.
  • I want Build a complete All In One project like this MB-6582 ! : Maybe not the best start for beginners . Try to get started with even a core module and some DIN / DOUT/ Synth extensions is a better point. But building a Sammich or MB-6582 kit is mostly something about soldering, you can avoid most of the understanding-the-electronics things.
  • I want to build a Funny DIY Synth ! : You are also at the right place. Some Synthesis boards have been designed to be driven by a Core board,wich is the heart and brain of each midibox Project. Some Electronics knowledge will be required. Explore about SID / OPL3 / TIA / AY Modules
  • I want to design something New ! : Be sure to have all pre requisites necessary. Designing a MidiBox is not a quick and easy thing. Be sure to get in touch with community that you could be explained few things. This will be the point where you will need most Electronics knowledge. Don't be afraid, All kind of knowledge take some time to be well learned. Just don't give up =)

I feel like not understanding things... Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Time, patience and perseverance are the 3 basic keys. There is much to learn here in the wiki if you take time to read things and ask precise questions on the forum.

A quote from TK's Himself:

Learning Curve:

                  ++++++++++       I'm working with a more complex framework
            ++++++                 I've implemented proposals from experts
        ++++                       I understand proposals from experts
       ++                          I'm getting some helpful hints from experts
      ++                           I'm asking the right questions in the forum
     ++                            I'm able to send some MIDI Notes based on tutorials
    ++                             I'm able to read & understand Wikis
   ++                              I'm able to troubleshoot configuration problems
  ++                               I'm able to configure & recompile premade applications
 ++                               I'm able to upload prebuilt binaries
++                                I know the right end of the soldering iron
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