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gm5x5x5 PCB Bulk Order

This is a bulk order for the gm5x5x5 expansions board (PCB only) as described on the following pages/threads:

General information

  • Each PCB will cost 8.00€ (approx. 11 USD).
  • Payment is accepted via PayPal or EU bank transfer only.
  • Actual shipping costs (with Deutsche Post from Germany) and PayPal fees will be calculated individually (postage examples: Germany 1.50€ Europe 3.40€, Worldwide is 6.00€. Insurance or registered mail is optional and adds extra costs. So far, no package has ever been lost, so registered/insured doesn't seem to be necessary at all. These price examples are for “regular” numbers of boards and may change).
  • Order #1 is through. There are no more spares.
  • Order #2 is through. There are no more spares.
  • Order #3 is in the preorder stage.

Timeframe for order #1

  • The proto boards are being made atm
  • The prototypes are being shipped out atm
  • I got my proto boards and I assume the other testers should have theirs shortly. Testing rage is on.
  • Testing rage done. Passed. Sorta. Errors fixed. All good.
  • Boards are being shipped at the moment.
  • Done.

Timeframe for order #2

  • This order closed February 1st, 2010
  • Waiting for confirmation and payment
  • Boards ordered
  • Shipping out the boards
  • Done.

Timeframe for order #3

  • Closed and happening atm.
  • Done.

Timeframe for order #4

  • Closed and happening atm.
  • Done.

What you have to do at the moment

  • Put your name on the list.

How to preorder PCBs from run #5

Simply edit this page and put your name and quantity down on the list and update the total. Use your full forum name, so I can reach you via PM. Do not edit anything else on this page.

By putting your name on the list you agree to the terms and conditions described here:

Adding your name is all you have to do atm. Once the number of preorders reaches a decent level I'll post on the forum and announce a new order.

If you're looking for gm5 chips (this bulk order is for PCBs only), please refer to this page.

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