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 +====== Tip from kartodesk on keeping on smooth travel after removing detents from SoundWell encoder ​ ======
 +Hi all. \\
 +First, there'​s extensive info about the encoders on [[http://​​forum/​index.php/​topic,​10184.0.html|this forum thread]] to read. \\
 + \\
 +The encoders i received were from mc4 batch, identical encoders to those Wilba pictured and organized the sales earlier. \\
 +Their name is SoundWell rotary encoders (like ALPS STEC16B, "​Voti"​ encoders). \\
 + \\
 + \\
 +The pics are here for convenience. (Wilba and MC4 took the shots)
 +{{http://​​cms/​images/​stories/​electronics/​soundwell_encoders/​16w800/​Encoder_0423_800.jpg}} \\
 +{{http://​​~wilba6581/​SoundWell_Encoder_1.jpg}} \\
 +When you open the encoder (might be done using kind of miniature screwdriver or similar), \\
 +the key to the smooth travel of encoder shaft - is absolute care of the inner circle where collectors travel. \\
 + \\
 +**Any inaccurate screwdriver mark made while opening the encoder will result you in jerky feeling when sealed back.** \\
 +**After bending the tabs up (of the lowest metallic part, pictured above) in order to disassemble the unit, please DO NOT put your instrument \\
 +into highlighted areas (below) where thin plastic part could be deformed by your tool.** \\
 +{{http://​​bits/​1.gif}} \\
 +{{http://​​bits/​2.jpg}} \\
 + \\
 +These are sensitive areas, the weak points. \\ 
 +**keep your tool somewhere else and you're fine.** \\
 +Also as Wilba suggested the detent could been bent just a little to make a less tactile detent. \\ 
 +It works, although more careful and attentive work is required.\\ ​
 + \\
 + \\
 +In general, when you remove detents, you loose the tight feel and they begin feeling '​oiled',​ \\
 + ​exactly that feeling of steering wheel of old car against the modern hydraulics. Take this into consideration too.\\
 +Best to all.
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