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This is an overview of abbreviations and acronyms used frequently at Many of these are also useful if you want to program in C or work with the function overview listings of MIOS:

Acronym Meaning Description
AIN Analog INput A module which accepts input of a Voltage Range (normally 0 to +5 V)
AOUT Analog OUTput A module which outputs a Voltage Range (norm. 0 to 5 or 12 V) - also known as CV (Control Voltage) Outputs
ASM ASseMbly Language
BCD Binary Coded Decimal The three chars '1','2','7' represent the BCD of the integer 127
BS BankStick Non-volatile memory module based on the 24LC256 / 24LC512 EEPROM
CAN Controller Area Network Interface used to control up to 3 additional synths from the same frontpanel of MBSID V2. See
CLCD Character Liquid Crystal Display Displays Characters (see also GLCD)
DIN Digital INput Binary state input (ON/OFF), normally used for buttons
DOUT Digital OUTput Binary state output (ON/OFF), normally used for LEDs
EEPROM Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ENC ENCoder Similar in operation to a Pot (potentiometer), sometimes called a “relative” or “digital” pot, in-/decrementing single steps
Gnd GrouND Common wiring point, typically a 0V Reference. See Vss
GLCD Graphical Liquid Crystal Display Pixel based Display (see also CLCD)
HLP HeLP / Higher Layer Protocol
IIC/I2C Inter-IC Language Protocol often used for inter-microcontroller-communication
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
MBHP MIDIBox Hardware Platform If the MIDIbox was a PC, this would be the motherboard
MIOS MIDIBox Operating System If the MIDIbox was a PC, this would be windows
MF Motor Fader
MPROC MIDI PROCessing Routine
PWM Pulse Width Modulation 1) A function provided by the MIDIbox SID to produce fat pulse sounds — or — 2) Allows to control a voltage level by pulsing a binary digital signal (ON/OFF) through a low-pass filter (e.g. a resistor/capacitor pair — or a motor fader)
SR Shift Register
SRIO Shift Register Input/Output MIOS scans the DIN and DOUT Shift Registers in parallel, this combination is mostly abbreviated to SRIO
Vdd/Vcc Voltage Drain/Collector Positive Voltage eg: +5V regulated supply. Voltage measured relative to Vss. Regulation is typically done on the Core board. Name refers to 'draining' or 'collecting' electrons (negatively charged) from the circuit.
Vss/Vee Voltage Source/Emitter Negative Voltage eg: 0V Reference. Also called “Ground”, “Gnd”, “Shield”, and less often, “Earth” or “Chassis”. Usually in an audio application, the 0V line is connected to the chassis. This 0V line is particularly susceptible to noise, so care should be taken with wiring this line. Name refers to the 'source' 'emitting' electrons (negatively charged) into the circuit.
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