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!!!The MIDIbox Hardware Platform (MBHP)


The MIDIbox Hardware Platform is the continuation of the work of Thorsten Klose on MIDI controllers in the past several years. It brings every MIDI controller design down to one standardised environment with reusable and exchangeable modules. Modular construction is nothing new in electronic devices.

Televisions, HiFi systems, personal computers or, of course, modular synthesizers are all example of modular systems. Nearly all electronic devices consist of smaller or larger units, which interact over dedicated interfaces. This way of thinking, which simplifies the understanding of complex technical applications, is now also promoted by the MBHP.

The focus of the platform:

  • well defined and documented modules
  • small, uncomplicated circuits
  • realizable on PCBs (single-layer) and prototype boards
  • PCBs designed with a freeware CAD program
  • different firmwares for different configurations
  • open for future extensions by other hobbyists
  • programming examples in the MIOS download section
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