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MIDIbox Live

What is it?

MIDIbox Live is a framework that allows any MIOS programmer (in C) to take complete and automatic control over Ableton Live. It also allows your MIDIbox to be automatically controlled by Ableton Live.

What do I need?

Ableton Live, a Core32, and some C skills. The programming aspect of it can be pretty easy, and of course you can make it as complex as you want. The first version will be released for Live 7.0.14, and future versions will be upgraded from there. We'll see what needs to be changed for Live 8.

How does it work?

Ableton allows under-the-hood access to its interface via an API. The major problem with LiveAPI is that users tend to get confused about where to start with LiveAPI and soon give up. Especially those who haven't programmed in Python before. The goal of MIDIbox Live is to allow MIOS programmers access to LiveAPI without the need to touch the Python scripting. You simply load the script in Live (just like loading Mackie control, etc) and begin writing your MIOS program using pre-made functions to access a framework that takes care of the communication with Live for you.

For example, if you want Live to begin playing, you simply call the function setMasterPlay(). The framework then takes care of the necessary communication with the LiveAPI script. Also, if you begin playing in Live, whether from your MIDIbox or by clicking play with your mouse, the function masterPlayChanged(state) is called, which will give you the state of the transport. From there, you can add whatever code you want. Also, if you just want to check if Live is playing, you could use getMasterPlay().

The functions

MIDIbox Live development is still in the works, but it's going rather smoothly. It will be complete with control of any track, and any instrument on that track. Also, there will be example applications available.

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