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MBMix version 2.0 Sept 2008 Operators Manual.

MBMixer is a digitally controlled audio mixer. It can combine up to sixteen channels. You may control MBMix from the knob on the front panel, or it may be controlled remotely by MIDI control change messages.

The display, if equipped, will show the channel number, channel name, and the current left and right level settings of the last change made to the system.

Channel names can be whatever you choose, and are compiled into the program before loading.

Two level displays are available to choose from. There is a “Stereo Bargraph” display that will probably work with only limited display types, and a text based dB display showing the current setting of each channel. The choice of display is made before compiling the code.

To use this mixer, connect audio sources to the Audio In connectors on the mixer. Connect the Audio Out to your amplifier and speakers. Connect your control surface or computer MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN jack, and also connect the MIDI OUT jack back to MIDI IN on your control surface.

Turn the power ON. After a few moments the MIOS copyright will be displayed, followed by the MBMixer start message. All mix levels will be initialized to 0dB. (Watch Out!)

To adjust the audio levels locally, press the encoder button until the desired channel is displayed. You can then turn the encoder to adjust the Volume, or press the encoder in and turn to adjust Balance. All changes will be echoed out the MIDI OUT connector so your control surface can stay in sync with the MBMixer.

To adjust the levels remotely, send CC#7 for Volume, and CC#8 or CC#10 for Balance/Pan. the display will show the name and channel, as well as the current settings as they change. For a description of all the MIDI commands supported, see the Midi Chart.

To change the channel names, meter type or other options, see the software options for this project.

To change the default (power on) settings, see this file.

Lyle Hazelwood

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