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MIDIbox SEQ V4 Documentation Overview
Official User Manual
MBSEQv4 Beginner's Guide
MIDIbox SEQ Forum
Instructional YouTube videos by Andrew Scheidler (link to first part)

<box 80% round #dddddd>The SEQ V4 is the flagship MIDIbox sequencer. It's really an incredible device. You should build one. Once you've built it, you should buy TK a beer to thank him for developing and constantly improving this amazing thing, and for offering it to the world as a free and open device.</box>

READ THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE and READ THE MANUAL. The SEQ is a complex device, with a huge number of features. You'll probably have to go over the documentation a few times before you start to really understand it. Read through the other documentation on as well - there's a lot of information there that will help you understand how all the devices, software, and modules in the MIDIbox universe work, and how they fit together. These articles will be more helpful to you if you've already read over the documentation on

In particular, the Frontpanel section of the User Manual briefly describes what each button does, and the Menu Pages section describes how to use each menu page on your SEQ. The Sessions section gives an overview of how Sessions work on the SEQ. TK has also put together some great Tutorials with audio examples.


  • Building a SEQ V4 - What are the components you need to build a basic SEQ V4? Where can you get PCBs and parts? A basic introduction, with links to other relevant and helpful information and resources. Also, check out Hawkeye's photo tutorial on how to build a SEQ V4. …and the uCapps SEQ Hardware Options page.
  • The MBSEQ_HW.V4 File - This file contains configuration information about your SEQ's hardware - button, LED, and encoder assignments, some low level settings, etc. This file has to be in the root of your SD Card in order for the Wilba Frontpanel to work, and changes may be required to this file to add some of the various MIDIbox modules to extend the functionality of your SEQ.
  • TPD - the Track Position Display module
  • BLM16x4 - the BLM 16×4 Control Surface PCB
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