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SEQv4+ Jog module

A BLM using 18 illuminated MEC switches placed around an encoder (datawheel). Two spare DIN pins can accommodate a footswitch and a modular gate.


The circuit is a BLM, but only four DIN columns are used. The other four DIN pins scan an encoder and two inputs intended as footswitch/gate. Standard SRIO in on J89 and chained out on J89A.

The BLM is as follows:

Note the encoder connected to pins D7 and D6, and header J1 connected directly to D5 and D4. All of the cathode rows are used, even C7 just for the encoder push switch.

Only six DOUT anode columns are used. These are current limited by resistors R1-6.

BOM v1.0

Please find the current BOM on The table below is depreciated and will not be updated.

Type Qty Value Package PartsMouserReicheltConradOtherNotes
6 100-220R 5% THT R1-6
Resistor network
1 10k SOM16 RN1 4816P-T02-103LF
3 100n 1206 C1-3
19 1N4148 THT
18 various 3mm insert into switches
1 74HC165SOIC16 IC2 595-SN74HC165DR
2 74HC595SOIC16 IC1, IC3
1 STEC12 STEC12E08
18 MEC/APEM 3FTH9 SW1-18 642-3FTH9 TASTER 3FTH9 705276 - 62
1 1*3 male
2 2*5 male
6 M3 spacer TBD
1 datawheel DK-38?
0 switchcaps 22.5mm 642-1S11-22.5 1S11-22.5 original parts, when using taller jogwheel. See next line
18 switchcaps 19mm 642-1S11-19.0 1S11-19.0 waiting on case, but probably the 19mm caps will be used here too


v1.0: first release.


Start with the SMT parts (caps, ICs and RN), then the resistors and diodes with correct polarity. Headers, switches (read below first!), encoder, caps and knobs.

Important: insert the LEDs into the switches before soldering them! It's quite hard to bend the legs once the switches are in place. The LED legs should not interfere with the switch action; i.e. the button should be pressed and released without getting caught on the legs.

Ensure that when the switch is soldered in, the LED is correctly polarised. Round part (anode) of the LED to the circled pin; flat part (cathode) to the line:


Currently the design is © 2017 antilog devices with all rights reserved; all documentation is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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