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SVN Repository for MIOS8 and MIOS32 projects

MIOS8 and MIOS32 projects are stored in a SVN repository.

TODO: explain installation of SVN clients for Windows/MacOS/Linux here Optionally search for “svn” in the wiki to retrieve already existing documentation.

Downloading projects with a SVN client with read-only access (sufficient for most users)

Use following URLs:

  • MIOS8: svn://
  • MIOS32: svn://

Downloading projects with a SVN client for read & write access

Ask TK for a SSH account.

Then use following URLs:

  • MIOS8: svn+ssh://
  • MIOS32: svn+ssh://

Using the SVN Web Client to determine Firmware Changes

Here an usage example:

Go to

Select the MIOS32 repository, and then click on the “View logs” button.

Check the comments, they are sometimes helpful. Select the potential problematic version with a “known good” one, or whatever you want to compare. Then click on the “show changed files” button:

This gives you a nice looking diff over all changes:

I'm using this web based method as well whenever somebody reports a problem after firmware changes in order to find out what I did ;-)

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