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MIBIbox 64


-All about it, what it does and blah


  • up to 64 Pots or Faders, dynamic priorities: latency < 1 ms! :-)
  • up to 64 Push-Buttons
  • up to 64 LEDs
  • one internal bank
  • +16 external banks with every BankStick
  • sends CC/Note/Aftertouch/PitchBender/ProgramChange
  • Min and Max values, scaling over the whole pot range
  • Meta Events allow you to define SysEx strings and more
  • Normal, Snap (Soft-Takeover), Relative and Parallax Mode for pots
  • On/Off, On Only, Toggle Mode for buttons
  • integrated MIDI Learn Function
  • Setups exchangable via SysEx
  • Device IDs to address up to 8 boxes in a MIDI chain
  • Menu Buttons
  • Snapshot Button with Save/Recall function
  • Shortcuts for the buttons (SFB) for faster menu handling
  • LC-Display, different Display Modes
  • dedicated strings for every pot can be saved in the BankStick
  • MIDI-Merger
  • MIDI event filter for the merger
  • Optional RS232 Interface

Additional features of the MIOS based version:

  • runs on a PIC18F452 under MIOS
  • On-Screen editing of MIDI Events
  • On-Screen editing of pot lables
  • On-Screen editing of banknames
  • up to 8 BankSticks can be connected (→ up to 128 banks)
  • banks can be copied
  • Remote Control via SysEx
  • an optional global MIDI channel
  • Morphing function which allows to fade smoothly between two pot scenes
  • optional 8 CV outputs with MBHP_AOUT
  • optional 64 CV outputs with MBHP_SHX8

Skills / Equipment Required


What modules do I need?

I want 72 buttons, 10 encoders and 12 LED's. How many of each module do I need?

I'm going to build a calculator

List of parts

-list of pots, buttons, faders and blah - suggestions on good parts and where to buy them + how to hool them up - links FIXME


-Connection diagrams - link if needed

-Enclosure ideas - link to case construction tips? / provide space to encourage other users to wikify their case designs FIXME


  • burning bootloader - link
  • Core Tools - link
  • MIOS Studio and Additional tools - link.
  • The app and modification instructions


usage manual

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