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What is Triggermatrix ?

a quick but not full view into triggermatrix and sequencing (german-austrian)
Triggermatrix Teaching
Echtzeit Musik


You have spend time to program a cool rythm, and you already know which chords/melodys you want to play, and now its time to programm the timing/steps/the rythm in the melody… after quite a while of trying and looking on your drumline you have a fitting melody line for your drums…

now you change the drums a bit… o no i also have to change the melody now… i make a break, a intro…oh no so much work and time…and all because, the melody is fixed in arrangement,

you want a melody line that goes with beat? you want to change the beat note stream also (noteprocessing)? > read more… i have a tool for you!!! it will change your way doing LIVE!
get ready for JAM!


Short spoken:

  • 16xdrumtriggers > Trigger-Routing-Matrix > Drum-Syntesizers
  • Melody-lines > Trigger-Routing-Matrix > Melody-Syntesizers


  • Drum-Trigger are Velocity Master > we dont care about the velocity of the Melodys
  • There are Songs (ProgramChange), each Song has 16 different Trigger-Routings Presets> these are the Song-Parts
  • 512 Songs saved on SD-Card, and Load-able while playing
  • 512 System-Settings(Setups) saved on SD-Card…i use only one of it
  • Triggermatrix midi-outs are connected to all synths, so it manage the program-change also
  • 16x Trigger-OUTs with fixed Notes, on one midichannel - to connect Drum-Synths, Drum-Samplers
  • 6x Polyphonic Melody-Retrigger-OUTs on 6 MidiChannels - to connect MelodySynths to it
  • 12x Monophonic Melody-Retrigger-OUTs on 12 MidiChannels - to connect Monophonic Synths like pitchable Drums or Bass-Synths
  • All 16 Trigger & ReTrigger-OUTs share the same Routing and Channelstrip UI (Mute, Solo, Roll…)
  • Trigger, Poly, Mono-OUTs can be controlled seperatly by > Random-Kill & Velocity-OFFSet
  • 6x Melody-Input-Matrix - Route & Mix Melody Inputs to the 16 Melody-Retrigger-Outs (saved in Song)
  • 16x Melody-Input-Matrix-Hold-Buttons - hold the last Note, save it in the Patch - usefull when pitch drums.

In the current Generic Version, the Matrix has also a Trigger-Sequencer built in, the Melodys have to come from anywhere else, but @ the end, they have to be plugged into the matrix…
Trigger-sequencer, a few facts:

  • is a Drum-Step-Sequencer
  • 256 Steps in total
  • minimal LoopSection is 16steps = 1 Page, there are 16 pages to chain
  • intro LoopSection, from step 0 until to the “minimal LoopSection”- is played once, then it loops the normal LoopSection
  • The sequencer is made to give a static NoteStream, the Song-Structure is done by the TriggerMatrix
  • Full Velocity control, visible with 3 different colours, each colour-Vel is set with its own CC
  • Free programmable Swing to each Step, with 2 different swing Length-sets, which are controlled live via CC
  • copy, paste, erase of pages
  • copy, paste, erase of rows
  • forward, backward, fw><bw - play direction
  • Not only 4/4 are possible, all other things like 5/4 are possible! +++

how ever, the Plan is to take a second blm16+16x, and split sequencer from Triggermatrix - with a dedicate Userinterface, the PRO then is: better timing, and opening for other Trigger-Sources, also better overview of the set, because Sequencer left, Triggermatrix right

Generic Interface

the Generic Code is done… ok there is no case… because next step is Specific UI
Generic in sense of: PCBs that already out there:

so when you have those things, upload the Code & watch the videos above

when you own a sequencer V4, Serial Chain is: Wilba SEQ-CS and then LRE8x2
the code is working, some times the sequencer timing is a mess, when doing ROLLs… because of much code and a programmer that learnd it by “learning by doing” - so feel free to make things better here
when you have any question, contact me

here is a "FrontPanel+Pin-Out" where the functions on the WILBA CS & LRE8x2 are explained

Specific Interface

here the prototype - before the “Generic” Interface: As i said there will be specific PCBs for this device in future.

Community users working on it


  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…By the way the Generic-Version is final for me


  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…

Getting Involved ?

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved

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