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DIY-man in everything I am really interested
Europe, Austria - Katsdorf , born in 1983

take a break and listen to some music

When I want to make a track, or do a gig, i want total control of parameters, and I want to move & save them all.
There was and is a way to do that…
so back in the days i got in contact with standalone commercial sequencers like RS7000 Roland-grooveboxes or the early Electribes
Here was my first contact with Midibox…MB SID
later I did the whole thing with Ableton - , contact with Midibox Midicontrollers…
and I was very happy with the upcoming MAX4Live - it was almost perfect…, i learnt the program really well, I then just programmed a all-in-one-Groovebox in MAX without Live…
then I wanted to go to almost latency free technologies- so again i come to Midibox where i take the knowledge from the MAX-Groovebox and put it into C-codes, and that was new again, and it is still… Triggermatrix was born.

@ the moment i took a year free, beeing more interested to plan a more biological in nature livestyle, anastasia, tom brown jr, earthships, glasshouses, own grown food, electricity, water, paradiesgarten, or my emotional enheartement…and so on, but t here is still place for midiboxes and Jamsessions… not that much i want to have, but there are more importend things… having to eat and save the environment…for me and the ones with me…

Project list

Currently on work @06-02-2020


  • clock2audio2clock convert Midiclock 2 Audio, record this audio, play this audio convert 2 Midiclok, for Multitrack Audio Studios without Midi, in order to overdub a track that need to be in Midi-Clock-Sync,
  • MSQ-CC-BCR some kind of a synth programmer, but with CC-Motionsequencer, and the use of BCR2000 (hardcodet for Nord Drum2, but with Mapping Array inside program)
  • MSQ-CC-LRE same as MSQ-CC-BCR but, newer, faster, better… also hardcodet for Nord Drum2


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