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**MIDIbox Olympic Contest 2007**

Hi all of you.

Even if this contest is first for the fun, it's a serious competition.

The games are organized by “Sound & Breakfast” - a non-commercial but fully official french organisation - , and supported by TK itself, so be sure that if you win, you will be priced as promised.

The prices correspond to the amount of benefices that this organisation get selling this DIY production of caps to members of the community, so it's normal that this bucks go back here.

The Games

Everyone can participate.

Your work have to be show in this dedicated section of the WIKI, in the pages linked below.

First, choose an appropriate section for your project, of course, you can show your work into many sections if needed.

Please take care of the quality of the pictures, you can add a link to your own website if needed, sound examples would be great if you work on an audio based project. The quality of the pictures is very important, people will judge what they see, so avoid webcam snapshot, there is probably someone around you that own a great camera…

If you work on an user application, share the code here, saying if it's a final release, a debugg/beta version. So other people will be able to test your app if they own the appropriate gear. If your work has been started using an existing MB application, please hightlight your code, so we can see what is from you, what not.

Always add some comments to explain what, why, how……

Not all of the sections are priced, it's mainly for the fun, but that don't mean that non-priced section are less important…

END OF GAMES: not fixed for the while


You will find here a short description of what is needed for each section, read carefully each comments to be sure to be shown in the right place.

1) best user application————————————> 4 CORE and 4 SID modules (SIDs and PICs, DIN/DOUT, IIC modules are not included, and the best: they are blotted with original fingerprints of TK! ;-) )

The “best user application” section is for those who have programmed something new for the MB hardware.

You have to publish all your codes and to explain which dedicated hardware is needed. You have of course to prove that your app work, so you are supposed to already own the hardware to run your app on.

2) Best documentation effort AND howto for total Newbies—> prized : 1 CORE KIT

This section is for those who will done the best documentation effort for their project.

So it's not depending on the quality of your finished box/app project, but more on the way you document it.

“…AND howto for total Newbies” mean that, reading your doc, any newbees have to be able to build the thing you describe, even if they never hold an iron in their hand.

You can merge the doc related to your own project and the “total newbees HowTo” into the same document, or make two different document. I think the second choice will be more helpfull for the community.

3) Best recycled MIDIbox———————————–> prized : 1 CORE KIT

Here is the section for those who have build MBs with a lot of ripped components and refurbished gear.

Your project have to prove that we can do great box with a little amount of money but some patience and DIY way of thinking, I think you won't win if you unmount an original Logic Control to buil a MIDIbox LC ;-)

Of course your box have to work well…

4) Best DIY-looking MIDIbox——————————–> prized : 1 CORE KIT

DO IT YOURSELF!!! The most beautifull box done entirely “at home”.

Means: - a front-panel that you drill yourself, self-made PCBs, Case you build from A to Z.

The electronics as well as the final outside design will be take into account

5) Best Art/Design MIDIbox———————————> prized : 1 CORE KIT

The most beautifull MIDIbox. Your creativity will be take into account, so don't copy an existing design. Here we don't care about electronics. It's a section realy important for me, I consider that even an electronic project can become an Artwork…So, think “art”, It's what is missing the more to commercial product.

6) Best pro-looking MIDIbox——————————–> for the fun, no prized

Your box look like a 'pro' one? Here is the right place for you.

It's about the outside as well as the inside and the docs (or “datasheets” ;-) ) you will produce with it. All the state of the dev have to shown, please publish all the related document (autocad design, schematic, …) So, the “pro” overall behaviour will be take into account too.

7) Best MIDIfication—————————————→ for the fun, no prized

All is in the tittle! For those who have MIDIfied Organs, analog synth/filters, coffee machine or sofa's… Of course the MIDIfication must be done with Ucapps MIDIbox gear.

8 ) Neatest/pro internal wiring——————————> for the fun, no prized

This section is the place for the MIDIbox with the more “clean” and optimized wiring. Maybe don't think “I will buy the more expensive connectors”, it will be a plus if your design can be done by everyone… You have to prove that your design work well.

9) Most Freaky internal wiring——————————> for the fun, no prized

You don't get now enough place to close your case cause there is too much cable/ribbons inside? No one, other than you -(and maybe not you too)- can now trace or debbug your circuity? This section is for you! (for me too, I think ;-)) You have to prove that your design work well.

10) Best customization/extension—————————→ for the fun, no prized

In this section you can show your work if you have done the best customisation of an existing MB project. It's highly programation related, but to improved Control-Surface design too. Don't forget to publish your own code, hightlighting what is your prog to avoid confusion. You have to prove that your design work well.

11) Best Song produced with MIDIbox gear———————> for the fun, no prized,

For all the song done with MIDIbox gear. Explain clearly which parts are played by the MB gear and what you use as “third party” stuff.

This section is not prized, but I can propose to make a mixing/mastering of the winning song with the gear of the Sound & Breakfast studio, but first I'm just a sound technician mainly working for live scene, and not true a studio engineer, secondly, even if there is now more pro gear in the studio, I can't do the same work as a pro studio…

12)Best User Patches Librairy——————————→ for the fun, no prized,

Publish here your Patches Librairy for the MIDIbox FM and SID based Synths.

Sounding great and well documented. For the SIDs librairies, it's better if your do a version for each config (1,2,3 or 4 SIDs and chips versions)

THAT's ALL! ;)

If you get some spare MB related parts to offer as price, just edit this page….but be sure to be abble to provide the gift at the end of the game, to avoid any frustration…


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