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Midiclock 2 Audio Converter, Audio 2 Midiclock Converter
4 Recording a Midiclock on a Audio-Track on your Multitrack-Recording-Device
in order to get the possibility to overdub a sequencer track on Recording Devices without Midi-Clock builtin


i fell in love with a zoom livetrack-l12, a multitrack-audio-recorder, in a compact design, severell submixes, parametric eqs, compressor, efx and a extra master-track-recording, and that for a good price…
but it doesnt have midi… in specially it does not have a midiclock.
so when i have to make a track new, or i want to overdub a track, a track that is Midiclock-Driven a sequencer track for example…

So with this device, i lose one Audio-Track, because i use this one Audio-Track, as a Click-Track, it records Audio-Rectangle-Pulses, which are a converted Midiclock-Pulses

when i then playback the Click-Track-Recording, it converts this Audio Pulses back to Midiclock-Messages.
Thats all, not much code, stripped down, running thight.


- convert Midi-Clock-Data to Audio-Pulses
convert Audio-Pulses to Midi-Clock-Data

Hardware Requirements

External Requirement:(for example)

  • Clock Source aka Sequencer: midibox_seq_v4l
  • a Synth: JP8080
  • a Multitrack-Audio-Recorder: Zoom Livetrack L12
  • 3x Midi-Cables



  • TS-274 OP-Amp
  • 14 Pin - DIP-Socket
  • Pin-Header 2x5Pins (to connect the PCB to Core J5A)(you will also need a cable 4 that)
  • Resistor R1 20K
  • Resistor R2 4K7
  • Resistor RFB 100K
  • Resistor for Output-Gain-Reduction 100K
  • 2x Electrolyt Capacitor 0,67uF (to decouple audio in and out)
  • Electrolyt Capacitor 10uF for Supply
  • Capacitor 100nF to denoise the OP-Amps-Rails…
  • 2 Audio Cables+Sockets for the connection to the Recorder (6,3 mono jacks)




Firmware hardcodet no menue, no nothing, stripped down to max performance

To Do

Upload Video on Youtube - with the use with a Zoom Livetrack L-12 Multichannel Recorder

How I Use It - built in Rack


Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved

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