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Use MIDIbox64, MIDIbox64E, MIDIO128, MIDIboxLC

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Ableton announced for the end of july the release of Live 5. The big feature is the new implementation of MCU support, this means that Live can communicate with Midibox LC, driving the displays for track identification and sending position updates to the motorfaders. Currently it supports a Mackie Unit+2 extensions, making MBLC an excellent control surface for Live users.

A short report about Live 5 beta with 3 MBLCs:

The implementation is not as extensive as in Logic or Cubase but it has all of the really important controls. This is perhaps more of an advantage, because i.e. the F1-F8 buttons are free assignable to functions of Live by midi learn (also possible in cubase but more easy in Live).

A very useful function are the ability of switching all windows and their focus with the controller, so no more mousing or keyboard acrobatics are needed to open and shut the browser, clipview etc..

The implementation is very stable already in beta phase. Ableton is planning to implement other controllers and advanced functions for the MCU.

For MBLC users it´s a little tricky to find out the relations between the LC buttons used for the MBLC and the Live5 buttons which relate to an MCU - at least most of them… the documentation definitely needs some work. For a correct basic function the main unit MBLC has to be configured as a Mackie Control (ID 14), the extensions as XTs (ID 15).

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