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THANKS to TK, SmashTV, Stryd_One, Wilba, Ultra, Seppoman, Doug, Moogah, and the entire MIDIbox community!!!

Currently built: One CORE, three DIN, AOUT_NG, DOUT. It only took an evening to stuff these boards. I note that the data stream on the DINs require attention while wiring. Simply connecting between boards does not appear to allow functionality; I'll have to confirm this as I build.

I'd intended to build a SEQ 3.2c and then saw Ultra's group buy for the Ultracore, which is a CORE, 4) LCMIDI, and 8) Bankstick on a single PCB (with headers for each display). Needless to say, one is on order and will become the heart of the SEQ. I cannot wait to have perfectly aligned kick and snare on my analog modular…and the LCMIDI kit and extra LC PCB I'd ordered just before learning of Ultra's work will likely be available, in the fleamarket!

I have a bunch of tact switches available in the fleamarket. They're too short to be used in the SID etc. but can be used with button caps. Contrary to that post, I won't charge except for shipping if anyone wants some as I have plenty and want to give something back to the community if possible.

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