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Because the information in the SpeakJet Manual is relatively wide spreaded, this page gives a quick overview of the control possibilities of the Speakjet:

MSA (Mathmatical Sound Architecture)

MSA commands are stored in the 64-Byte input buffer and are executed in the order they are received.

MSA Controls

An 'X' indicates that a second number should follow as parameter.

Pause Control

000: Pause 0 ms
001: Pause 100 ms
002: Pause 200 ms
003: Pause 700 ms

004: Pause 30 ms
005: Pause 60 ms
006: Pause 90 ms

016: Wait Watch out! Waits for event input line or SCP-Start command!
030: Delay, X number of 10 ms intervals to delay before continuing on to the next code, accepts 0-255

Next Sound Control

007: Play next sound fast
008: Play next sound slow

014: Play next sound high
015: Play next sound low

Volume/Pitch/Speed/Bend Control

020: Volume, X sets Master Volume Level, accepts 0-127
021: Speed, X Play Speed, default 114, accepts 0-127
022: Pitch, X Pitch in Hertz, only for voiced sounds, default 88, accepts 0-255 (=32kHz..240kHz)
023: Bend, X Sets the Frequency Band (from deep hollow to high metallic), default 5, accepts 0-15

Port Control

024: PortCtr, X binaurally encoded output line control, see manual for details, default 7, accepts 0-7
025: Port, X port output value, see manual for details, default 0, accepts 0-7

Phrase Control

026: Repeat, X repeats the next code x-times, accepts 0-255
028: Call Phrase, X which EEPROM phrase to play, max 3 level deep nesting
029: Goto Phrase, X which EEPROM phrase to play
255: End of Phrase


031: Reset Defaults

MSA Sound Codes

128..254: MSA Sound Phrases and Effects, see SpeakJet Definition List.

SCP (Serial Control Protocol)

SCP commands are executed immediately and provide control over the 5-channel synthesizer as well as accessing the internal speakjet EEPROM.

Entering SCP

'\0' to enter SCP

SCP Commands

'H': Store Memory Type accepts 0 and 32

  • '0H': Write a register's value
  • '32H': Write to the internal EEPROM

'J': Memory Address

  • '0J': Envelope Freq
  • '1J': OSC1 Freq .. '5J': OSC5 Freq
  • '6J': Distortion
  • '7J': Master Volume
  • '8J': Envelope Control
  • '11J': OSC1 Vol .. '15J': OSC5 Vol

'N': Store Memory
'R': Clear Buffer
'S': Stop Enounciating
'T': Start Enounciating
'V': ACK
'W': Hard Reset

Exiting SCP

'X' or '\A'


\0 V X*
Enters SCP-Mode, enounciates READY and exits SCP-mode

8J 0N 1J 500N 11J 16N*
1st OSC freq 500 and vol 16

0J 32H 01N*
write 0x1 to the first location of internal EEPROM

8J 00N*
set env-type to SAW

8J 10N*
set env-type to TRIANGLE

* Don't send spaces, this is just for readability!

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