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Standard Control Surface (SCS)


The Standard Control Surface (SCS) allows to edit some (but not all) configuration values without the need of a computer.


A detented rotary encoder and 6 buttons are directly connected to J10 of the Core module to control the menu system.In addition a LCD is required. The recommended size is at least 2×20! Graphical LCDs (GLCDs) are supported as well.

The MIDIO128 project uses the same control surface, which means that users who built a MIDIO128 can upload the MIDIbox NG firmware and control it with their existing hardware, and vice versa!

In the main page (which is active after power-on) it's possible to emulate BUTTON and ENC functions, which means that a very basic MIDI controller with a rotary encoder + 6 buttons could be created without the need to attach a MBHP_DIN module to the core!



SCS PCB by ilmenator

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