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Midi Control Change MotionSequencer - for Synthesizer with LEDRINGS


* 4Midichannels @ each 512Steps X 32th-looprate X 128 CCs
* only a few of the 128CC should be used @ once - 4x128xCCs @ 32th is Midi Data MESS and µC Death
* maybe only 256Steps, will depend on RAM…. RealWorld will tell
* each TRACK has a shared Track length for all its 128 CCs
* Copy, Paste, Clear: for the all 128CCs/or single CC
* There is no EDIT, you can clear a CC or Track and make a new Take
* ProgramChange Load and Store on microSD-Card, Load and Store are CC-Commands, so you can remote the device
* The Sequencer can be set to Tact Systems: 3/4 4/4 5/4 7/4 9/4 11/4 13/4

Hardware Requirements

External Requirement:(for example)

  • You need a Synth with LEDRINGs - otherwise you have no Feedback and Overview - NordRack III is such one
  • Melody/Clock Source with ProgramChange-Output: midibox_seq_v4l oops that dont do PC…
  • Melody/Clock/CC Destination: NordRack III or any other Synth with Visual Feedback off CC-States


  • dipcoref4 - this is the µC Brain for the Looper
  • cc-looper - this is the UI-PCB of the Looper
  • no other PCBs needet
  • µSD-Card, formated with FAT32
  • Soldering Iron - with a Dip that can Handle SMD-Parts, Wires, solder Paste for the µC….
  • USB Power Supply with µUSB-Connector



Midi IN1 »> MelodySequencer and Remote Devices
Midi IN2 »> Midi Out from Synthesizer - which sends out the Moved CCs
Midi OUT »> Midi IN of Synthesizer input (Automated CCs merged with mididata from Midi IN1)



FIXME Firmware not made yet



FIXME - a clear Acrylic Frontplate, with NO Engravings, UI-Labeling is viewable from PCB



To Do

alot, beta test, programming the firmware, housing


its based on a mixture off:

but its a complete new design, and firmware

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.
I have 10 ProtoBoards here - i test one, and if it works, i can share them for Beta Testing-if you pay the postage

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