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Image credit: TK. Prototype version.

Around November 2016 I embarked upon a new version of the SEQ v4. Some initial concepts had an integrated 16*4 BLM included, but the idea was refined to something simpler.

The goals of the project are to provide an upgraded control surface with high-quality hardware. This includes Matias keyswitches rated at 50M cycles and a streamlined workflow with a dedicated button row.

Although I (latigid on) have done most of the design and prototyping, I am in communication with TK. who will cover the software changes to get the new control surface up and running. I've also had a lot of collaboration with Adrian Hallik who is looking at a case design.

Required modules

The following components are intended to comprise a full SEQ V4+:

Draft BOM

Please find the parts to order below; no responsibility will be taken for incorrect parts or values! You can always contact the developer for suggestions of any corrections. Parts to order from the suggested suppliers should be coloured in green, as the price can vary a lot. Europeans benefit from free shipping (and likely with VAT/customs pre-paid) by ordering over 50 EUR from Mouser.


Please find the current BOM on

Matching case


Module interconnection and assembly


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